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Smiley Image File
Smiley Code
Smiley Image File
Smiley Code
Very Happy :D Nham nhở :-D :stool: WT.. 8O or :wtf:
Sad :( or :-( or :sad: icon27 :O or :icon27:
A dirty finger -oloo or :finger: Shocked 8| or 8-O or :shock:
Confused :-/ or :???: Cool 8-) or :cool:
LOL :)) Mad :-L or :mad:
Razz :P or :-P or :p Embarassed :oops:
Crying or Very sad :cry: Evil or Very Mad X(
Twisted Evil >:) Rolling Eyes :roll:
Wink :wink: or ;) or ;-) Exclamation !>
Question ?> Idea :idea:
Arrow --> Neutral :-|
Here I Am! :55: or L:) I love U :x
In love :1luvu: ukliam2 :ukliam2:
Hie hie hie ha ha ha =)) 02_grin (:D)
Lelele :} Roll eyes 8->
crying :(( dance :dance:
dazzler1 :dazzler1: devil :devil:
Potay x_x Flower :flower:
Puppy :chó: heart :heart:
XAngry XX( Happie |-)
Smile :) Cool? b-)
Errr :-& Wanna die? X))
Kha kha ^o^ I love it! :up:
LOL :lol: Am I cool, babe? (:D
Alien >-) Uhm? /:(
Ban! (/) I hate it! :down:
icon4 :icon4: ? :?:
! :1: ..then =>
nighty :nighty: puppy :puppy:
Red face :red: Confident :>
Black eye b-( Hi' hi' :"|
Clown :o) smile_dead :smile_dead:
smile_dissapprove ịt ụ Kiss :-*
Broken heart =(( smile_shock :smile_shock:
smile_shy :smile_shy: smile_sleepy :smile_sleepy:
smile_tongue :smile_tongue: smile_wink :smile_wink:
ukliam1 :ukliam1: spook :spook:
tongue2 :tongue2: Wavey L:)=
xmas :xmas: Shy smile :">
Hugz >:D< Thinking.. :-?
Shame on you [-x or [-X Peaceee :)>-
Eh? /:) ^^ :]
100%! :cheers: Smoking :smoking:
Dance with me baby! v:Dv Worried :-s
Nerd :-B Waiting.. :-w
Applause =D> Hi' hi' ;))
Chớp chớp ;;) Lovestruck :-x or :-X
Straight face :| Drooling =P~
Hypnotized @-) Nail-biting :-ss
Blblblbl.. >:P Sign.. :-<
Praying [-o< Whistling :-"
Con lạy hồn ^:)^ Confused 8-}
Rolling eyes worrying 8-| Yawn (:|
Waving hand :-j Excited! \:D/
Money.. $-)

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